iArtHis_Lab is a research, innovation and training laboratory for the development of digital studies on artistic culture, and in particular for the progress and consolidation of the Digital Art History in Spain

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The technological, scientific, intellectual, cultural and social networks of our digital world are propitiating in the processes of analysis, research, understanding. and the reception of artistic culture and the history of digital art.




Connector of initiatives, communities, people, projects, research groups interested in the study, analysis and critical reflection of the interactions between art, ICT, computer science and digital practices. Initiative of the University of Malaga through the R & D project of the National Humanities Plan ATENEA, within the activities of the Andalucian Campus of Excellence Andalucía Tech.


Collaboration agreement with the Center for Human and Social Sciences of the CSIC

The University of Malaga and the Center for Human and Social Sciences, of the Higher Council of Scientific Research, have signed a scientific-technical collaboration agreement for the iArtHis-Lab Research Group to carry out an analysis on scientific production in the field of History of Art and the configuration of its knowledge networks, within the framework of the project “Strategic and dynamic analysis of art history research in Spain”.


Research and innovation

We seek the application of new analysis methodologies and the development of new interpretive models based on the potential of the digital medium, computer technology and computational thinking.

New strategies

We seek to promote the adoption of new research strategies based on open and shared knowledge, collaboration, transdisciplinarity, horizontality and convergence with agents and non-academic collectives and we encourage and promote the creation of networks.

Formative offer

Destined to provide a hybrid and transdisciplinary training to future professions of artistic and visual culture, so that they are prepared to face the challenges of 21st century society, and have the appropriate intellectual and technological tools to advance artistic knowledge towards new horizons.

Critical thinking

We aspire to articulate a critical reflection on the use of technologies, the production of artistic content and the configuration of new discourses and digital narratives, the construction of globalized cultural memory, the reinvention of power relations and new forms of colonialism cultural.

Entrepreneurship and transfer

We work to channel training and research processes in the field of digital art history towards self-managed business models, through which training and research are transferred to the social and economic fabric of the territories, favoring the generation of employment and the progress of the communities.

Academic disruption

We are convinced that the academic system does not respond to the new social, economic, epistemological and critical paradigm. Therefore, we encourage and participate in the development of initiatives that facilitate the dismantling of established structures and the “social contracts” that constrain academic-university development beyond their own limits.